Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stamps and Other National Items from Various RP Countries

Claudia Medaris - Sugo2 Pane Sheet

Michele Jackson -The Kingdom of Niara

Postage Stam

ps - Kingdom of Girellygog (A. Lazar)

Isles of Morpharchengigel - Trudi Sissons (Two)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

At the suggestion of Misty Frederick, eleven of our members set out this past winter to create a set of two labels depicting wines produced with grapes grown in their homelands along with a description of the particularities of each wine.

Below are the spectacular and mouth-watering results!

Artist: Misty Frederick
Luna Grigio Sea Myst

Artist: Debbie Mihalick
White Raven Chardonnay

Artist: Trudi Sissons
Isles of Morpharchengigel
Halo - Tipheret Blanc

Artist: Red Scott
Aine Flynn's AlmostWas
Nun's Nectar Chablis

Artist: Abby Lazar
The Kingdom of Girellygog
Wayfarer 1953 Merlot Rose

Artist: Michele Jackson
Republic of Niara
Melisa Farms - Clover Honey Wine

Artist: Claudia Medaris
1986 Sugo Syrah

Artist: Sharon Benini
Liberte Spirits

Artist: Maralena Howard
Res Publica Javaness
2008 Vino del Caffe di Javaness
Artist: Caryl Hoobler